How Do You Address a Letter to Nova Scotia?


To send a letter to Nova Scotia, add the Nova Scotia abbreviation, NS, after the municipality address and before the postal code. For basic addresses, this appears on the third address line, after the recipient name on line one and the street address on line two.

Add additional delivery information, such as company departments, in a separate line after the name but before the street address. For brevity, add unit numbers with a hyphen before the street address. For instance, instead of writing "100 Main St, Suite 2," write "2-100 Main St." Place post-office-box and rural-route numbers after the line containing the recipient name, additional address information or street address.

Canada Post's street and province abbreviations, along with short forms such as the number and hyphen method for listing unit numbers, are not strictly necessary; however, they may help avoid delays caused by unclear delivery addresses. provides a postal code lookup tool, using a known address, at the bottom of its homepage under the Tools heading. Canadian postal codes are very precise, some point to a single large building.

A full Nova Scotia address, following all of Canada Post's guidelines, may look something like this address for Nova Scotia member of parliament Scott Brison:

The Honourable Scott Brison

12-360 Main St

Wolfville NS B4P 1C4