How Do I Add My Wife's Name to My House Deeds?

To add your wife to a home deed, address any potential financial or legal issues. Obtain a copy of a blank quit claim deed, fill it out and file it with the county clerk where the property is located. Repeat this process for any additional properties.

  1. Check with your mortgage holders and your attorney

    If you owe mortgages on any of the home deeds, make certain the mortgage holders do not object to the addition of another person to the deeds. Also check with an attorney to consider any tax and legal issues related to joint ownership of the properties.

  2. Obtain blank quit claim deeds

    Obtain quit claim deeds from a source such as a real estate agent or a real estate attorney.

  3. Fill out the form properly

    Use legally correct descriptions of the home and property. Be certain to list all legal owners of the property in the space on the form requesting the current owners. Add all the legal owners' names and the name of your wife in the space on the form requesting the new owners.

  4. Have the form notarized

    Go to a notary public with all of the legal owners, including your wife as a new owner. Obtain the notary's signature.

  5. File the document with the county clerk

    File the completed and notarized quit claim deed with the county clerk of the county where the property is located, no matter where you and your wife actually live. Pay any necessary recording fees.