How Do You Add a Name to a Property Title?

Adding someone to a property title requires the filing of a quitclaim deed, explains SFGate. This is a deed that allows you to override the deed currently in effect for the property. If there is an open mortgage on the property, the owner may need to check with an attorney to ensure the bank will allow the addition of the second owner. Adding a new owner without the knowledge of the mortgage company may violate the terms of the mortgage.

You can obtain a blank quitclaim deed at an office supply store, from a title company or from an attorney, notes GlobalPost. Fill in the information, including the name of the person you're adding to the deed, and the mailing address the recorded deed and tax documents should be mailed. Other information to go into the deed includes the property address and a legal description of the property. You may need to add in other specific language that outlines the percentage of property you and the other owner owns, unless the ownership is equal.

The deed should be notarized and recorded in the county recorder's office, says GlobalPost. While the procedures for signing and notarizing vary by state, it's best to not sign the deed until in the presence of the notary public.