How Do You Add Jobs Posting Links to Your Website?

How Do You Add Jobs Posting Links to Your Website?

To add a job posting link to a website, create a goal for the postings, set up a job board on the website using a Web application or software, find sources to syndicate job posting links and allow users to post their own job postings. Promote the board to encourage users to post new jobs, as recommended by Entrepreneur.

Run through the following steps to add job posting links to a website.

  1. Create a goal for the postings
  2. Create an overall goal for the job board and the kinds of job links it should contain. For example, website developers can choose between running a board for senior positions or entry-level positions.

  3. Create the board
  4. Decide between the two available options for creating a job board. One is to use a web application that contains templates, which is a good choice for people who do not have a lot of coding experience. Options include Job-a-matic, which can also sync job postings with Simply Hired, according to the company's website. The second option is to use software to code the board from scratch. Choose the desired option to create the job board.

  5. Syndicate job posting links
  6. Synchronize links from other job boards, such as and, to help build up the number of postings on the page. Use Web applications, such as Job-a-matic, which can often do this automatically.

  7. Collect job postings
  8. Allow users to add their own posts or links to job postings to build up the content on the page.

  9. Promote the job board
  10. Promote the job board to allow the user base to grow.