How Does an Ad Agency Get Clients?

An ad agency gets clients through referrals by building trust with existing customers, which increases the probability of referrals in future. An ad company can use its employees as internal brand ambassadors because employees with confidence about an agency's work attract clients.

To satisfy its clients, an ad agency must focus on attracting clients who are a good fit for the agency. An ad agency must analyze a client's industry, past performance and business model in order to determine if a client is a good fit. An ad agency must always give an honest assessment of a client's situation; it should always under-promise its clients in order to exceed their expectations. In some cases, an agency must say no to clients with infeasible problems. An ad agency should ensure that employees attend speaking events within the industry in order to gain exposure and grow the company's reputation.

An ad agency can get clients by becoming a thought leader in the industry; as a thought leader, an ad agency should provide educational materials online through social media sites such as Twitter, or by blogging. An ad agency should provide high-quality content on its blog, which appeals to its audience and ensures that visitors return to the blog.