What Activities Are Offered at the YMCA?

Organized youth sports, competitive sports, swimming, recreation and exercise are some of the activities that are offered at the YMCA. The types of activities available at specific YMCAs vary depending on the facility, as not all facilities have the same access to equipment, resources and personnel. Inquiries should be made at a specific YMCA to find out all of the activities offered at that location.

Many YMCA locations have swimming pools, which typically offer swimming lessons for all ages, family swims, adaptive swims for special needs children, and competitive diving and swimming teams. Teams can compete locally, regionally and nationally. YMCA pools usually have open swim times for individual exercise and play.

Youth sports is a big component of YMCA activities. Basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer and flag football are some of the team sports that kids can learn to play with other kids in a supervised environment. Gymnastics and karate are both individual and team sports that provide good physical fitness training.

For kids who just want to have fun, the YMCA offers areas for skateboarding, dance clubs, and arts and crafts. Those who want to get into physical fitness can participate in everything from group exercises to triathlon training.