What Activities Are Involved in Marketing?

Key activities involved in marketing include advertising, sales, public relations, social media marketing and other promotional activities, notes Forbes. It can also include activities such as pricing, distribution and market research.

Most people associate marketing with advertising; however, marketing is much broader in scope. Marketing involves any activity that connects businesses to customers. The field involves most sales and promotional activities, which includes advertising activities as well as things such as public relations, direct mail campaigns, social media marketing, trade shows and other communications activities.

Marketing also includes many behind-the-scenes activities. The way businesses price products and distribution networks are part of marketing strategies.

Research and analysis also play a very large role in marketing. Marketers spend a lot of time and resources trying to understand who their customers are and what their needs and wants are. They also construct marketing plans to help define different marketing strategies to help reach customers.

Marketing plans usually start with a situation analysis, which is a section that describes the product, the business environment and any challenges or threats that the business may face, according to Entrepreneur. Marketing plans also choose one or more target customer segments based on demographics. When they have chosen which groups to focus on, they set specific goals for their marketing activities and define which tactics they should use to reach potential customers.