How Do You Activate a Sears Rewards Card?


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To activate a regular Sears Choice Rewards card issued by Citibank, call an 800 number in order to start earning rewards. Sears MasterCards from Citibank and the Shop Your Way Rewards card require different processes to activate.

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As of 2015, Sears has two co-current rewards programs going: the Shop Your Way Rewards program, and the regular Sears Choice Rewards program. In 2010, some Sears Choice rewards members were automatically enrolled in SYWR.

To activate a SYWR card, visit the Shop Your Way website and click the link. Have the PIN number handy to enter it in when the site requests it. The SYWR card is not affiliated with Citibank and cannot be used as a credit card; it merely keeps track of purchases and tallies points earned from shopping at Sears.

Citibank has two separate programs with Sears Choice, offering both a regular Sears credit card and a Sears MasterCard. In order to activate a Citibank-issued Sears card, call one of two 800 numbers, depending on the program in which you are enrolled. Although Sears has been aggressively pushing customers to opt into the Sears Mastercard, shoppers to activate and use the regular Sears Choice card, as the older program has not been discontinued.

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