How Do You Activate a READYDebit Card?

Individuals who wish to activate their READYdebit Visa prepaid debit cards may do so by calling 1-866-295-2460. Activation requires providing personal information that verifies the identity of the cardholder in order to begin using the card.

The READYdebit Visa prepaid debit card has a 100 percent approval rate with successful verification of the cardholders' identification. This card doesn't require cardholders to maintain a minimum balance, and no credit check or ChexSystems checks are required for approval. Benefits of using this debit card include free credit monitoring, including free access to credit reports and scores, for those who opt for direct deposit to the card. Mobile banking options allow cardholders to keep track of their balance and transactions anywhere there's an Internet connection.

READYdebit Visa prepaid debit cards feature several options for loading funds. Account holders may elect to have their paychecks or government benefit checks deposited directly to this card without loading fees by providing the issuers with their READYdebit routing and account numbers. This card can also be loaded using Green Dot's Reload @ the Register service, which is available at Walmart for a $3.74 fee and CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General and Walgreens, among others, for a $4.95 fee, as of March 2015. Additional reload options include checking or savings account transfers and Visa ReadyLink.