How Do You Activate a Lowe's Card?

Customers can activate their Lowe's cards online at the company's website, according to Guidance Box. All you need for activation is the Lowe's card and a computer that has access to the Internet.

To activate your Lowe's store card, visit the company website's activation center, explains Guidance Box. Click on the button labeled Register and Activate. When you reach this page, enter your Lowe's account number into the required box. After this, click the button labelled Next.

You then land on a page featuring a form, Guidance Box explains. Fill out the form by entering your personal information into the required spaces. Then choose a User ID and a password. After you've followed the instructions on this page, click the button labelled Next. For your own security, the Lowe's website prompts you to select security questions and answers for your credit card account. After you've completed the tasks on this page, click the button labelled Next.

When you've landed on a page that has a security image, you should follow the instructions on this page in order to complete the activation process. After you complete the activation process, you have fully activated your card, and you can use it to shop at any Lowe's store, according to Guidance Box.