How Do You Activate a Bank of Montreal MasterCard?

activate-bank-montreal-mastercard Credit: AFP/AFP/Getty Images

After receiving a Bank of Montreal MasterCard in the mail, the user then needs to activate the card in order to make it ready for use. The card can be activated shortly in multiple ways including online, in person, or through the Bank of Montreal’s toll-free customer service number.

To activate the card online, the card user needs to go to, and then enter their card number when prompted. After entering the card number and hitting submit button, the card is ready to be activated after answering a few security questions to verify identity.

To activate the card via phone, the card user must call 1-800-263-2263, which is the toll-free number for Bank of Montreal customer service. Once connected with a customer service professional, the user can go through the same steps of activating the card as online by giving the customer service representative the card’s number and also answering security questions to prove identity.

The card can also be activated in person for card users without a phone or computer. To do so, the user just needs to visit the closest Bank of Montreal branch to receive assistance from a banking professional who assists with new card activation and also answers any other questions.