How Do You Activate an AchieveCard?


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Activate an AchieveCard prepaid Visa debit card by calling 800-401-7935. Card holders may also activate their cards online by visiting the website, clicking the Activate Now link and then entering the 16-digit number on the front of their cards.

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Issued by the Bancorp Bank, AchieveCard prepaid Visa debit cards offer users easy reloading at the register at over 50,000 retail locations, including CVS Pharmacy, KMart, Walgreens and Wal-Mart. Each reload at a retail location costs the cardholder a flat fee of $4.95, and a minimum reload of $20 is required, as of 2015. The maximum amount that can be loaded onto the card upon the first deposit via the Cash Reloading Network is $1,000, and no more than $10,000 can be loaded onto the card at retailers. This card can also be reloaded by direct deposit of paychecks or government benefit checks, and the maximum load for these transactions is $15,000 per month.

Daily limits for spending on the AchieveCard prepaid Visa debit card are $2,500 for purchases. Cardholders may use the card for 25 point-of-sale transactions per day. This card can be use eight times at ATMs daily, with an ATM withdrawal limit of $600 and a $300 maximum for each transaction.

Each dollar spent by AchieveCard prepaid Visa debit card holders gives the card holder AchieveRewards points. Cardholders can use these points to bid on gift cards and other merchandise via the official website.

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