What Is an Action Plan Layout?


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An action plan layout is an organized and systematic document describing the steps that personnel must take to achieve an end result. The layout supports the users of the plan by clearly defining the time schedule for activity completion and resources necessary to complete those activities.

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The beginning of the layout contains the overarching and main goal of the plan. An action plan layout addresses higher level goals, lower level steps to achieve those goals, and the steps needed to work toward an attainable goal. The layout may revolve around the VMOSA (vision, mission, objectives, strategies, action plans) model.

Another effective layout model details future events, including their expected dates and team members involved in the events. The layout must remain current with updates to the action plan to reflect progress and changes in activity status. Therefore, the layout incorporates updates, completions, adjustments, revisions and plan deviations along with support on how to address these changes.

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