How Do You Acquire a Shell Gas Station Franchise?

Acquire a Shell gas station franchise by submitting an application for franchise partnership directly to Shell, which includes providing proof of finances to make the initial purchase and agreeing to commission and supply terms. Another option is to find a franchise owner through a trade event, business meeting or by visiting a station and purchase the franchise directly from the owner.

Shell offers a franchise program through which entrepreneurs work with the company to open new gas stations and to convert existing properties into Shell stations. A prospective owner begins the process by filling out an application that includes her personal information, such as her name, address and social security number so that Shell can perform the appropriate background and financial checks. She must also provide Shell with proof of sufficient finances to start the business, either through savings or a business loan. The contract also stipulates the terms of ownership, requirements to comply with company policy and the amount of money the franchise owner receives after making payments to Shell.

When a person buys a franchise directly from its owner, the process involves a similar amount of paper work to ensure the appropriate legal responsibilities transfer between parties. The contract terms may vary depending on the financial state of the gas station and the money available to the new owner. The owner must also meet the Shell requirements to participate in the franchise program.