How Do You Acquire Qualifications in Human Resources?


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To acquire qualifications in human resources, consider earning a degree in human resources or take courses in human resources through adult continuing education programs. Contact someone in your current employer's human resources department and ask how she got her start or if she has any advice for you. Earn experience by volunteering in the human resources department of a nonprofit organization. Find entry level opportunities for which you may qualify.

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Outside of college or continuing education courses, there are many books that focus on the operation of a human resources department. If you work for a smaller business that does not have a designated department, offer to handle some of the duties. Volunteering at a nonprofit organization may mean answering phone calls or filing paperwork, but it allows you the chance to witness the inner working of a human resources department. Earn more responsibilities over time with dedicated work.

If you have a few key skills or a basic understanding of the job requirements, apply for entry level positions in a support role to get a career started and learn more about the department. Consider sending your resume to companies that are not currently hiring, as human resources candidates are frequently needed. Over time, earn promotions and new job opportunities as you build your skills.

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