How Do You Acquire a Painting Contractor's License?


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To acquire a painting contractor's license, a person has to choose either exterior or interior painting as his area of expertise and apply for the license from the state’s office. After that, a person has to pass the state examination and pay a fee to receive the license.

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Once a person becomes a licensed house painter, he should decide whether he wants to work as an independent contractor or join a firm as a partner. The advantages of working as part of a construction firm allow the painting contractor to hone his skills, learn how to negotiate contracts with his suppliers and have access to professional equipment. On the other hand, working as an independent contractor allows a person to conduct research and set his own price to be competitive in the market. The easiest way to find new clients when working privately is to seek advice from real estate agents and advertise in classified sections of newspapers.

A painting contractor should insure his tools against damage and make sure that he’s covered in case he damages the client’s property while painting. Painting contractors who focus on interior painting have to be familiar with various types of interior finishes and know how to handle their equipment inside the rooms, whereas those who focus on exterior painting need to know how to protect external surfaces from various environmental factors, such as rain or snow.

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