How Do You Acquire Coupons for WSS Shoes?

To get coupons for savings on purchases from WSS Shoes, visit or and search for the company name, reports Browse the search results to select a coupon and click on the blue button to the right of the coupon details. Copy the revealed coupon code or print the coupon, and then sign up for email alerts to receive further coupons in the future.

To get coupons for use with purchases from WSS Shoes, follow the steps below.

  1. Search for coupons
  2. Go to or and enter "WSS" into the search bar. The search field is accessible from the home page of; however, users of first need to click on the Coupon Codes link from the top menu bar. Browse the results to select the desired coupons.

  3. Get coupon
  4. Click on the blue button to the right-hand side of the chosen coupon. This reveals either a printable coupon or coupon code. Print the coupon or copy down the coupon code for use at the WSS online checkout, as directed by

  5. Subscribe to email alerts
  6. To receive further coupons by email, sign up for the or email alerts services. Enter an email address as directed in the box below the coupon code.