How Do You Acquire Coupons for the Toronto Zoo?

There are several ways to acquire coupons and special deals for the Toronto Zoo, including becoming a member at the zoo or taking advantage of special group rates. Visitors can also purchase a Toronto CityPass that, as of 2015, gives a 45 percent discount for the zoo and other attractions throughout the city. If staying at the Radisson Hotel, customers can get discounts through its concierge service, notes

Members of the zoo get free admission in both the summer and winter, making it a smart purchase for frequent visitors. As of 2015, an adult one-year pass costs $195 and an adult two-year pass costs $370. Members also get to experience early giant panda viewing, free rides on the Zoomobile, discounts in gift shops and restaurants and invites to special zoo events, notes

The Toronto CityPass offers holders of an adult zoo pass for $49.70 and a child pass for $31.84 as of 2015. Customers can pay for this CityPass in both U.S. and Canadian dollars, notes If booking a room at the Radisson, customers can add a zoo package to their stay. This package includes passes for two adults and two children and complimentary parking. Customers can cancel this package by six p.m. by hotel time with no cancellation fee.