How Do You Ace an Interview?


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Acing a job interview requires research, practicing interview answers, a calm disposition and mirroring interviewer behavior traits. Tailor an interview strategy for each type of company, job position and interviewer for best results.

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Begin interview preparations by researching a company thoroughly. Dig deep to find out as much information as possible about the company's culture, performance and future goals. Contact the company ahead of time to get more background on the specific position. Next, obtain a list of popular interview questions and practice answering them in a professional manner. Go another step and record or videotape mock interview sessions. This provides valuable feedback on what interview skills need improvement. Be sure to include behavioral interview questions during practice sessions. Behavioral interviewing is popular among many employers; therefore, mastering behavioral questions is another way to impress interviewers.

Never be late for a job interview. Instead, show up at least 15 minutes early. It is important to remain calm and collected during an interview. Think positive thoughts and display confidence throughout the interview. Always give interviewers a firm handshake. Speak clearly and ask for clarification of specific questions when needed. Bonding with an interviewer right from the start can help win the job. Know the name of the interviewer and adopt her speaking style and body language.

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