What Are Some Accurate Management Case Studies?


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Two reliable management case studies are "Sink or SWIM," by Lauren Ankeles, Marine Lea Graham, Roberta Pittore and Priyanka Ramamurthy and "Turnaround and Transformation: Leadership and Risk at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art," by Cate Reavis, available from MIT.edu. These are available from the institution's LearningEdge page, which offers free case studies in the areas of leadership and operations management along with a number of other areas of study such as entrepreneurship, strategy, sustainability and system dynamics.

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"Turnaround and Transformation" examines the management role of Jill Medvedow, director of Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art from 1998. The case study looks at how Medvedow transformed the museum from a largely insignificant institution by establishing a culture of discipline, belief and risk taking among employees, notes MIT.edu.

"Sink or SWIM" looks at the decision-making and risk-taking processes demonstrated by the Sloan Women in Management club's co-presidents and conference directors in the lead up to their third-annual conference. The case study examines how they responded to poor weather conditions and how they were forced to decide whether or not the conference should go ahead as planned.

Some other management case studies available from MIT.edu are "Harry Markham's Loyalty Dilemma (A)," "Robin Chase, Zipcar and an Inconvenient Discovery" and "Management Principles and the Washington, D.C., Public Schools (A): Choosing a Chancellor."

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