How Do You Accumulate Kroger Fuel Points?

Earn Kroger fuel points by purchasing groceries, gift cards or prescriptions from Kroger stores. Groceries earn one fuel point per dollar spent and gift card purchases earn two fuel points per dollar spent. The amount earned on prescription purchases varies depending on whether it is a federally funded prescription or not.

Kroger fuel points are redeemable for discounts on gasoline at Kroger stores and Shell stations. Kroger stores allow customers to use partial discounts and reserve their points for later, while Shell stations require customers to spend 100 Kroger fuel points per discounted transaction. There is no cap on the amount of fuel points a customer can earn, but the maximum number of fuel points that can be used at a Kroger station during a single transaction is 1,000.

There is no limit to how many fuel points a customer may accrue, but fuel points expire two months after they are earned. Newer points are used first by default, but customers may choose to use older points first. This option is only available at Kroger stores. Newer points are always used when discounting Shell gasoline.

Kroger 1-2-3 REWARDS Visa Card holders receive additional fuel points for using their cards. This additional discount is only available at Kroger stores.