What Does an Accounts Payable Person Do?

An accounts payable clerk is responsible for a company's accurate outflow of capital. With this position comes a myriad of responsibilities. For instance, a person in this position is responsible for reviewing invoices for accuracy before approving payment, maintaining all accounts payable reports, and handling payroll, according to DegreeFinders.com.

In both small companies and large corporations, accounts payable clerks are responsible for the payroll system. Included in the payroll responsibilities is the task of making sure there are appropriate signatures on company checks. Because of this, an accounts payable clerk must be extremely dependable and trustworthy, accounting for money in an accurate and truthful way.

According to DegreeFinders.com says, the minimum education requirement to become an accounts payable clerk is a high school diploma. However, increasing numbers of employers are seeking applicants with a college degree in accounting or business. In addition to higher education, proficiency in computer software, especially spreadsheets, is desirable. According to AccountingCareersforDummies.com, someone who wants to stand out in the job market as an accounts payable employee should obtain Certified Accounts Payable Professional certification. Obtaining this certification involves passing a certification examination and can increase the professional standing and improve the employment prospects of those wishing to become accounts payable professionals.