What Account Services Are Available Online for Anthem BlueCross Members?

Information about finding a doctor, emergency room alternatives, prescription benefits, claims status and video conference doctor services are account services offered online, states Anthem BlueCross. Forms including an application for coverage, authorization for release of personal information and change of existing plan are available for download.

The emergency room alternative search allows members to find urgent care and other facilities that may be able to meet their needs. If a medical condition is not an emergency, the member may be seen faster and have a lower co-payment by visiting an urgent care instead of hospital ER, according to Anthem BlueCross.

LiveHealth Online allows members to contact doctors online using a computer or smartphone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service can be used to receive care for an illnesses without having to visit a medical facility. Patients are able to video conference with board-certified doctors who can then authorize prescriptions if allowed in the member's state and provide sick notes and medical clearance to return to work, explains the LiveHealth Online website.

Anthem members can review claims status online by inputting the claim number into the Check Claim Status search tool. If a member does not know the claim number, he can log in to his account and review claims that have been submitted without having to provide a specific claim number, notes Anthem BlueCross.