How Do You Get Access to YVR Long-Term Parking Coupons?

How Do You Get Access to YVR Long-Term Parking Coupons?

To get access to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) long-term parking coupons, go to a coupon or deals website, such as, and search for jetSet Parking offers. Travelers can also get parking deals by booking a ticket for the jetSet Parking lot online or by providing a valid BCAA membership number when booking a parking space, as noted on the YVR website,

jetSet Parking is a budget parking lot chain located in many Canadian airports, including Vancouver International Airport. Run through the following steps to find long-term parking coupons for the jetSet Parking lot at YVR.

  1. Find a website that offers coupons
  2. Coupon websites frequently offer deals and coupon codes for jetSet Parking.

  3. Search for jetSet Parking
  4. Enter jetSet Parking into the website's search bar.

  5. Browse current discounts
  6. Look through the current discounts to find coupons for long-term parking.

jetSet Parking partners with BCAA and Aeroplan. BCAA members can receive discounted parking with the company by showing their membership number upon booking. Aeroplan members can earn miles when they book parking for four or more days. In addition, jetSet Parking offers discounts to customers who use its online booking system, according to the company's official website. The company offers booking by the day or by the week. Customers can also sign up for the company's newsletter to receive promotions and discounts.