How Do You Access a Product's Manufacturing Information?


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Finding a product's manufacturing information varies depending upon the type of product. If you have the product's box or original labels, you should be able to easily find the product's manufacturing information, such as the location of origin and materials involved in production.

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For instance, if you just bought a new Samsung phone, you should find on the box and labeling that Samsung produced the phone at one of its facilities located in one of the six nations in which Samsung currently manufactures. If you don't have a product's original labeling or packaging, you can go to the website of the company that manufactured the product and find the Contact Us link. All major companies and some smaller companies should have a Contact Us link on their websites, often located at the bottom of the home page. This link opens a variety of options to you, such as emailing, calling and even live-chatting with customer service for the company. You can then inquire about the manufacturing details of your product and hopefully receive honest disclosure from the company. You may need to provide a serial number or product type. Again using a Samsung phone as an example, you might need to provide Samsung representative with the model or serial number of the phone.

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