How Do You Access a Printable Form 4868 From the IRS? says it provides printable PDF versions of forms in the Forms and Publications section of its website. On the Forms and Publications page, click Find All Current Forms & Pubs, type "4868" into the Find box, and click Find for a list of 4868 forms.

Form 4868 is the Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. provides both English and Spanish versions. The Spanish version is marked with the (SP) code. provides the forms as PDF files, which require a PDF viewer to view and print. provides downloads of the popular PDF viewer Adobe Reader. A tax return time extension does not grant a time extension for payment, advises the IRS. Form 4868 must be filed by the usual tax due date, usually April 15.

The Filing Information section in the IRS Publication 17 provides full rules for automatic extensions. Find this publication by entering "publ 17" into the search box on the Find All Current Forms & Pubs search page, informs the IRS.

The IRS states it also provides other extension forms. These include Form 2350, for U.S. citizens and resident aliens outside the country who may receive special tax treatment, and Form 4768, for U.S. estate tax payment and filing extensions.