Who Has Access to Free Printable Eviction Notices?


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Websites such as LawDepot.com and TidyForm.com provide everyone with access to free forms that can be used to evict tenants. The available forms also include the initial notice to quit, notice to pay rent or quit, notice of lease violation, notice of termination and notice to increase rent.

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The landlord must terminate tenancy before he can evict a tenant. This means giving the tenant sufficient opportunity to take care of the violations, whether it is late rent or owning a dog that was not part of the original agreement.

Each state has slightly different requirements that landlords have to follow through the process, so knowing the right rules is important. Notices to pay rent or leave generally allow between three and five days to remedy the situation. Cure or quit notices have to do with non-rent violations of the lease.

An unconditional quit notice does not allow any remedy. In most states, these are only permitted in cases of repeated violations. After the notices, the landlord files for an eviction proceeding with the court. After the landlord wins the judgment, the sheriff provides written notice of the tenant's deadline to leave the property. The tenant must leave before the sheriff's deadline if he does not want law enforcement officers removing him from the property.

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