How Do You Access Payroll From Spherion Staffing?

To access payroll information for Spherion staffing, either visit, and enter the Spherion Employer Code, which is 13515, or visit Click the Click Here to Login link, or select Is This Your First Time Logging In if you have never visited the employee portal.

After you are directed to the login screen, enter your Social Security number, and click Continue. When the website prompts you for your PIN number, enter the temporary PIN number provided to you by your employer. Proceed to select a personal security image, and answer the presented security questions, which are used to verify and protect your identity in case you are unable to log into the portal in the future. After answering the security questions, change your PIN number to a more memorable and secure number sequence, and make sure it contains between eight and 16 digits.

If you are a returning user, enter your PIN. The website allows returning users five attempts to enter the correct PIN before the platform locks the user out of the site. For new users, click the Enroll Now button, which updates and secures information. After the registration process, you can access payroll information and choose to sign up to receive notifications upon availability of your pay stubs. To enable notifications, select the Alert option on the main menu. Pay stubs are printable through the Print Pay Stub option on the main menu, which opens pay stub information in a separate PDF document.

To access payroll information via phone, call Spherion staffing at 1-800-951-3729, and enter your Social Security number and PIN to log in to your account, as of 2016. For pay stub information, press 1, or press 0 to speak to a representative.