How Do You Access a Pay Stub Through My Allied Barton?

You can access a pay stub through My Allied Barton by creating an account at the My Allied Barton employee portal using your employee ID. After your account is created, you can log in and access your benefit information and special employee discounts and view your pay stubs. is an online portal that allows employees to access information regarding pay stubs, benefits information, and news going on with the company. If you are an employee and already have an account at, you can use your same user ID and secure password. Your user ID is always your employee number, and the password is created at the time you register for an account. If you have never created an account at, click on the First Time User option in order to start the account creation process.

Your password should never be shared with anyone else. You could put your personal and financial information at risk by sharing your password. When you are ready to log out of your account, you should remember to close out all of your online portal browser windows before you walk away from your computer in order to ensure the security of your private information.