How Do You Access Online Pay Statements?


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The method for accessing online pay statements depends on the type of payroll system your employer uses and your employment type. Most salary and hourly employees access pay information by visiting the employee portal of the company's website and logging in with a username and password issued by the employer.

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How Do You Access Online Pay Statements?
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Most companies that offer online pay statements issue a username and password to employees, which may take the form of an email address, employee identification number or social security number. Some companies, such as Home Depot, provide an employee-only section of the corporate website where you are able to log in with the information and view your paycheck details. Other companies require employees to sign into the website of the payroll solution to access details.

The traditional method for paycheck delivery involves the employer issuing a physical check to the employee that includes a summary of her earnings and tax withholdings up to the current date. If the employee chooses to direct deposit her paycheck, the company must still issue her the physical pay stub. However, many online payroll management services allow the company to deliver the pay stubs electronically rather than through a physical piece of paper. These systems tie all past paychecks and pay stubs to the employees social security number so that she may review them at any time.

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