How Do You Access a Navy Federal Account?

To access a Navy Federal account, go to the webpage and login. If an account has not been created, go to Account Access from the home page, scroll down and select Enroll Now.

To create a Navy Federal account, go to the Navy Federal webpage and select enroll now. Certain information, such as a social security number, date of birth and an affiliation with the armed forces is required in order to create an account.

Logging into the Navy Federal account requires an access number and password. In the event that the access number needs to be recovered, the account holder's last name, date of birth and social security number must be provided.

If the account holder knows their access number, but is unable to remember their password, then they must provide their date of birth and enter an authentication code provided to them. After this process is completed, the user will be prompted to reset their password and then they will be taken back to the login screen, where they will have to enter their access number and new password to access the account.

When an account cannot be accessed, despite providing accurate information, contact Navy Federal directly, either through phone, email or in person in order to have the problem rectified.