What Is Access MCD Used For?

Access MCD is the McDonald's online training website and employee education portal. Through the Access MCD virtual learning portal, McDonald's offers online classes to its employees in food preparation, menu support, and restaurant processes and practices.

Through Access MCD, McDonald's is able to track how often employees log in and how many classes they have completed. The company also pays careful attention to the scores employees receive for each course. Employees who excel at tests and trainings on Access MCD and who show leadership skills and initiative are selected to enter Hamburger University, a selective training program required to be promoted to management.

Access MCD was introduced in 2001 as the global intranet for McDonald's, and it is a one-stop-shop where employees receive vital information to complete their daily tasks. In 2006, a usability study prompted some major revisions to the system, which is now faster, more streamlined and easier to use. The same software platform, SabaNow or Saba LMS, is also used by many top Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. military for online training and development.

To access the Access MCD site, employees must visit the Access MCD log-in page and enter a valid user name and password.