How Do You Access Long-Distance Directory Assistance?


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To access long distance directory assistance in the United States as of December 2015, dial 1 and the area code followed by 555-1212. This number routes calls to the directory assistance center for the indicated area code.

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Prior to March 31, 2000, AT&T offered a nationwide toll-free directory assistance service that users accessed by calling 1-800-555-1212, but that service is no longer available. As long caller know the area code of the place they are inquiring about, the area code-specific service is sufficient. Calling 411 from a landline phone also connects users with a directory assistance operator, who may then be able to give additional long distance information. If callers do not know the area code for the targeted location, an online search of people, business or place names is a good approach to take.

Aside from call-based directory assistance services, people seeking a long distance number can go online to any one of several directory assistance websites for help with their inquiries. Examples of such websites include WhitePages.com, Switchboard.com, 411.com and AnyWho.com. These online services allow users to search by a person's or a business' name as well as to narrow searches by ZIP or area code. Some services also allow users to search for numbers based on registered street addresses.

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