How Do You Access Information Through the Harris County Tax Assessor's Office?


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A public information request is used to access information from the Harris County Tax Office, according to the Harris County Tax Office website. This request is made when an Open Record Request form is completed and submitted to the tax office by mail, fax or email.

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Harris County is in Texas and beholden to the Public Information Act. This law requires government agencies to allow citizens to inspect or copy government records. The law, however, does not require a government agency to produce nonexistent information, create new information, calculate statistics, perform legal research or prepare answers to questions on behalf of a citizen, explains the Harris County Tax Office.

Even though a citizen has a right to request public information, it does not mean the service is free, notes the Harris County Tax Office. A government agency may bill a citizen for the expenses assumed in the process of retrieving the requested information. It may also withhold information if the information falls within one of the exceptions prescribed in the Public Information Act and the Texas Office of the Attorney General confirms the information exists within the exception.

An Open Record Request form can be mailed to the Harris County Tax Office at P.O. Box 4663, Houston, Texas 77210, faxed to 713-437-4561 or emailed to publicinfoact@hctx.net. Tax records and voter registration records are available online without the need for a formal request.

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