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Use Livestream to access Frank26 at livestream.com/frank26. Frank26, also known as Frank Villa, hosts a faith-based streaming show featuring guests such as Wayne Garland. On the show, he sells faith-based products that he claims have healing properties, such as Miracle of Life, and products that purport to make skin look younger and to strengthen joints, such as Liquid BioCell Life.

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Frank26 runs conference calls on Livestream under the title "Keep The Faith Always," which he converts into the acronym KTFA for his website KTFAlways.com. Trademark rituals in his conference calls include air drumming and singing along to songs such as Chicago's "25 Or 6 to 4" and "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" Another song that he plays and sings along with is Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."

On an average conference call, Villa opens with an introduction and a prayer. He then talks about a dedicated topic, such as Liquid BioCell. He explains the difference between the four types of Liquid BioCell: Life, Skin, Pure and Sport. Villa claims that the products replace the padding in between a person's bones, which goes away as people reach the ages of 45 to 55. He claims that drinking Liquid BioCell products restores bodies that have overextended themselves and heals skin conditions such as psoriasis.

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