How Do You Access a Fillable SF-424A?


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A fillable SF-424A can be found on the website Grants.gov. From the home page, a link for form SF-424A can be found under the heading Grant Form Mandatory Family. Choose the SF-424 link, and form SF-424A is found on the next page.

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Grant form SF-424 is a form that's required as a cover sheet for pre-applications and applications for grants under discretionary programs. Anyone applying for any type of federal grant should submit the form no later than 10 days before the grant application deadline in the event there are any issues with the application submission. The form should be submitted through the Grants.gov online system.

Form SF-424A is submitted with SF-424 and the form outlines the applicant's budget information. Applicants need to provide details on the expenses of the project the applicant is seeking a grant for, including the cost of salaries, rent, equipment and other organizational operation costs. Other costs to be outlined on the form include space rental, the renting of table and chairs, the cost of printing, phone service, banking fees and Internet fees. If the applicant is contracting third-party entities as part of the cost of operation, that amount needs to be outlined on form SF-424A as well.

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