How Do You Access the FAFSA.gov Application?


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Individuals may access the Free Application for Federal Student Aid on the Federal Student Aid website at FAFSA.ed.gov. New applicants may start an account to complete an initial FAFSA application, and returning users may make corrections, add schools or view their student aid reports.

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Completing the FAFSA is the first step to receiving federal financial aid, which can include grants, work-study enrollment and loans for post-secondary education, states Federal Student Aid. In the United States, Federal Student Aid is the largest source of college or career school aid available. Other entities, such as states, colleges and private providers, also use the FAFSA to determine eligibility for financial assistance.

Among other requirements, an individual must be a citizen or eligible non-citizen of the U.S. and have a valid Social Security number, as well as a high school diploma or General Education Development certificate to be eligible for federal financial assistance, explains Federal Student Aid. Applicants may not be in default or owe refunds on federal student loans or grants or have a conviction for possession or sale of illegal drugs while receiving student aid. Many types of financial assistance, such as subsidized loans or certain grants, are dependent on financial need.

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