How Do You Access the Equifax Paperless Pay System?


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Access Paperless Pay through the Equifax website, your company intranet portal, or Equifax's telephone IVR system. Use your login credentials for universal access to the self-service menu, and contact your payroll department or Equifax if you have trouble logging in.

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The Paperless Pay system empowers employees by providing a single, streamlined interface between employees and payroll, according to the Equifax website. Employees can make updates to their own direct deposit profile and view payroll information through an extensive self-service menu. The system also allows employees to receive updates when new wage information becomes available.

This system provides compliant paperless payment options for employees to eliminate outstanding checks within the legal restrictions of their region. Paperless Pay is integrated with major pay card solutions, so employees can handle their direct deposits directly rather than communicating with their organization's payroll department. It also transfers the administrative responsibility of updating personal data and tax withholding information to employees. This allows payroll teams to focus on more productive, high-impact work, according to Equifax's Paperless Pay page.

Equifax also assists Paperless Pay clients in identifying ways to maximize cost savings. The Equifax website states that Paperless Pay employs specialists who work to develop a business case unique to each organization's process that cuts costs and improves efficiency. Paperless Pay also cuts down on paper and printing costs while complementing organizations' attempts to reduce environmental impact.

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