How Do You Access Eastern Bank HomeConnect?

Access Eastern Bank's HomeConnect online services by visiting and entering your HomeConnect ID into the login box on the main page. You must verify your identify by providing your password on the following page, which allows you to access past statements, review account details and make payments online. allows you to log in to a HomeConnect account directly from the homepage as long as you have an account in good standing. The service lets you review the current balances of all your accounts with the bank, including past transactions on checking or savings accounts. You can also use the online bill payment service to send checks to any third party as long as you have the necessary funds. Some accounts may also generate tax forms or other reports, which are accessible through HomeConnect as well.

When you open a personal financial account with Eastern Bank you can register for an account to access HomeConnect either at a local branch or on the bank's website. Online registration requires the number on a debit card or the account number of a checking, savings, equity or certificate of deposit account as well as your social security number to verify your identity. In both cases, you need to set a custom HomeConnect ID and password in order to access the account. Account creation may be subject to other forms of verification depending on the current standing of the accounts.