How Do You Access Daily Results From the S&P 500?


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Access daily results for the Standard & Poor's 500 index at financial websites that publish such results, such as CNN Money. This site offers a chart showing the movement of the market throughout the day, the amount at closing, the number of points it moved up or down, the percentage of movement in relation to the total, the high and low in the previous 52-week range and the percentage movement in this period.

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Additionally, a drop-down menu on the chart allows for viewing of data on the movement of the index throughout a range of periods, as seen in CNN Money. Charts can also be accessed ranging from a three-day period to a five-year period as well as a chart with the year-to-date period. These charts also reveal the percentage rise or fall of the market as broken down into smaller periods within the larger range. For example, the one-year chart is broken down into quarters showing such movements, and the five-year chart is broken down into two-year periods.

Users may also access other data details along with movement of the entire S&P500 index at CNN Money. Such data includes the day's volume in trade, the average daily volume for the previous three months, the day's high and low, and the previous closing number. Users may also access data on the daily movement of individual stocks.

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