How Do You Access Currency Trading History Online?


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Data for currency trading history can be obtained from Oanda.com, GainCapital.com, TrueFX.com and Dukascopy.com, explains Computer Aided Finance. Currency trading history data is also available at currency trading websites, such as XE.com and OzForex.com.

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GainCapital.com provides historical currency rate data in a downloadable, comma-separated value format, according to Computer Aided Finance. Due to its large volume, the data, which dates back to the year 2000, cannot be analyzed using standard spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel, and thus requires specialized software. Oanda.com also provides five-year historical currency rate information in a downloadable CSV format, while data from TrueFX.com dates back to the year 2009. Dukascopy.com provides historical currency rate data in the same format.

XE.com organizes its historical currency rate data into six categories, according to the company's website. These include the yearly average rates category that provides annual exchange rates for the last 20 years, the interbank rate snapshot category that furnishes information on current interbank rates for user-selected currency pairs and the exchange rate seasonality category that provides information on periodical currency rate fluctuations for the last 20 years.

Additional categories include the historical exchange rate section that provides 10-year, 50-currency exchange rate information, the monthly average rates category that furnishes data on mean monthly exchange rates for the last 20 years and the monthly return percentage section that provides information on returns for the currency spot market, explains XE.com.

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