How Do You Access Blue Cross Forms?


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Access different Blue Cross forms by visiting the website for your specific state and branch of Blue Cross provider, as the available forms and information differ from region to region. For example, Massachusetts residents can access Blue Cross forms form the members section of BlueCrossMA.com.

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The name Blue Cross refers to health insurance providers that are part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, which consists of 37 entities offering health insurance coverage and services, as of April 2015. The entities in the association comply with different state regulations regarding health insurance coverage and offer different forms that contain and ask for different pieces of information. As such, a person looking for Blue Cross forms needs to first identify the specific type of Blue Cross coverage she has to ensure that she located the right form.

In some cases, one branch of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association offers coverage in several different regions, which means that one site can contain forms meant for use in multiple states. One such entity is Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, which provides coverage in 14 states. A user looking for forms on its site needs to choose her state of residency in order to view the appropriate forms.

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