How Do I Accept a Job Offer by Phone?

Accepting a job offer by phone is simply a matter of feeling comfortable enough with the offer to do so. Prior to the phone call, it is important for the applicant to have a list of questions to ask the interviewer. This helps determine if the job is an appropriate fit for the candidate. After accepting the job offer over the phone, getting the details in writing is essential.

Accepting a job offer over the telephone is the same as accepting an offer in person. The only difference is the lack of a physical component. If the applicant is comfortable with the philosophy, rate of pay, hours and policies of the company, simply saying "I accept" over the phone is sufficient enough. However, the applicant should respond with a follow-up acceptance letter to the interviewer.

Face-to-face job interviews are no longer necessarily the norm. In addition to phone interviews, e-mail and Skype interviews are also becoming more popular. Many people are still steeped in the tradition that a job interview needs to take place in a "bricks and mortar" building, sitting across from the interviewer. While this was common in years past, time constraints and the advent of technology have changed the way applicants are interviewed. It is often not feasible for a candidate to be interviewed and offered a job if the job is an out-of-town or telecommute position. Freelancers and independent contractors are also commonly interviewed over the phone and online.