Is the Ability to Swim Important If You Want to Drive Ice Road Trucks?


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While the ability to swim is not an official requirement for a career as an ice road trucker, it may be a benefit in the event of an accident that results in the submerging of the truck. The most important skills for the job include proficiency in truck driving and an understanding of driving on icy roads.

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Most trucking companies that operate on icy roads only require drivers to possess a valid commercial driver's license and some degree of experience with cargo trucks. Depending on the driver's skill level, the company may require attendance in an ice road safety training course to help her become familiar with the unique conditions. The ability to swim is not typically part of the requirements but is helpful if the driver crashes the truck or if the ice breaks, resulting in the truck going into the water. The driver would need to swim to escape the water, though the temperatures would be very low and make the process difficult.

Ice road trucking refers to the operation of cargo trucks across icy roads and terrain, popularized by the History Channel reality series, "Ice Road Truckers." The routes that these truckers travel exist within areas of Alaska and Canada that experience excessively low temperatures which cause the roads to freeze and make it more difficult to drive.

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