What Are the AARP Eligibility Requirements for Joining the Silver Sneakers Program?

Older adults who enroll in one of the many Medicare health plans that include the Silver Sneakers Program as an insurance benefit are eligible to be in the program, according to Healthways Silver Sneakers Fitness. More than 65 Medicare plans and 12 million people have this program as a benefit, as of 2015. It is possible to check eligibility by typing in the appropriate information on the Silver Sneakers website at SilverSneakers.com.

The Silver Sneakers program does not require most participants to see a physician before enrolling. Based on the results of the activity readiness assessment that participants complete during enrollment, they may be required to consult with their physicians before exercising, reports Silver Sneakers. Enrollment in the program takes about 30 minutes.

Silver Sneakers members receive a fitness membership at participating locations, a program advisor to show them around the location, and access to health education events, explains Silver Sneakers. Some health plans offer the SilverSneakers Steps program for those who do not have access to a participating location. Members also have access to the HealthwaysFIT.com website, which offers nutrition and fitness plans, health articles and exercise videos. Members can register at a SilverSneakers participating location or online at HealthwaysFIT.com. Members may use any of the 13,000 participating venues in the program.