What Are Some AAA-Rated Municipal Bonds?


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Municipal bonds with an AAA rating include the Williamson Country Texas Unlimited Road Tax Bonds Series 2007, the Des Moines Iowa GO Refunding Bond Series 2005E, the Polk County Iowa GO Bond Series 2006B and the City of Virginia Beach Virginia GO Public Improvement Bonds Series 2005, according to MunicipalBonds.com. As of 2015, these bonds are among the top 10 safest municipal bonds.

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The City of Arlington Texas Water and Wastewater System Revenue Bond Series 2007 municipal bonds are also AAA rated in Texas, and come with a short-term maturity date set in 2017, states MunicipalBonds.com. Other AAA-rated municipal bonds include the Harrison County Flood Control Improvement Bonds Series 2007, which is also in Texas, the Central Utah Water Conservancy District GO Refunding Bond Series 2004A and the Oklahoma City Oklahoma GO Refunding Bonds Series 2005, all of which have a 5 percent interest rate as of 2015.

The State of Tennessee GO Bonds 2003 Series A also come with an AAA rating with unlimited taxation, a 5 percent interest rate as of 2015 and a short-term maturity date set in 2018, according to MunicipalBonds.com. The AAA-rated City of Minneapolis Minnesota GO Improvement Bonds Series 2002 currently have a 5.25 percent interest.

Municipal bonds with an AAA rating are tax-free investments, with greater interest rates than U.S Treasury bonds and a 0 percent historical chance of default, states Nasdaq.

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