How Do You Get an 800 Number for Your Business?


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Businesses can get 800 numbers or other toll-free numbers by contacting communications companies certified as responsible organizations, also known as toll-free service providers. A complete list of toll-free service providers is available on the SMS800.com website.

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The Federal Communications Commission authorizes SMS/800 to administer a centralized platform for toll-free numbers throughout North America. As of 2015, over 400 toll-free service providers assign toll-free numbers to businesses. To access a complete list of toll-free service providers, go to the SMS800.com main page, select Work With Us in the toolbar at the top of the page, click on Get a Toll-Free Number, and scroll down to the beginning of the list. Any of the service providers on the list are able to access the toll-free number database and reserve a number for a business.

The Federal Communications Commission regulates the acquisition, distribution and use of toll-free numbers. It is illegal for service providers to warehouse or hoard numbers. If a number is available, a provider must distribute it on a first-come first-served basis upon request without charging an extra fee. This includes vanity numbers that spell out a word or acronym after the prefix. Businesses that encounter difficulties with a service provider while trying to obtain a toll-free number can complain to the FCC.

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