What Are 4-H Speech Topic Ideas?

As of 2015, 4-H speech topics include citizenship and civic education, communication and expressive arts, and environmental education and Earth sciences, notes UIdaho.edu. A good 4-H speech should include a catchy introduction, a clear message, engaging content, clear transition of ideas and a memorable conclusion; adding relevant examples helps to reinforce the message and make the content interesting. The 4-H speech is meant to improve participants' public speaking skills.

Under the citizenship and civic education topic, the speaker can choose to address citizenship, cultural education or global education. The purpose of these speech topics is to develop citizens that are well informed, engaged and capable of excelling at different levels of leadership. The 4-H project is designed to foster experiential learning in citizenship and leadership areas.

The communication and expressive arts topic helps nurture participants' communication skills by establishing marketable skills and healthy self-esteem, notes Purdue.edu. The speaker chooses a verbal communication subject and prepares an informative, persuasive and interactive demonstration. Communication and expressive art topics encourage self-expression, individuality and creativity. Choosing a familiar topic that is interesting to the audience makes it easier to deliver the speech.

Choosing to give a speech on environmental education and Earth sciences offers the speaker an opportunity to discover things about wildlife, nature, and the planet. This topic helps to improve the speaker's grasp of ecosystem protection and measures that can help to improve natural habitats.