What Are Some 3M Tape Products?


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Some 3M tape products are Scotch Magic Tape, Scotch Giftwrap Tape, Scotch Transparent Tape and Scotch Double Sided Tape as of 2015. There are also several types of masking tape and a variety of tape dispensers.

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Scotch Magic Tape is clear photo-safe tape that is recommended for use in home, office and school applications. It can be used to permanently repair tears in paper, and the tape accommodates writing with pen, pencil or marker. Scotch Giftwrap tape is a clear tape with a special satin finish that makes it less visible when used on gift wrap. It is also photo-safe. Scotch Double Sided Tape is a clear tape that is coated with permanent adhesive on both sides. It can be used in place of glue for light mounting projects and is resistant to yellowing.

3M makes masking tape for painting and other projects. It is designed to adhere well but can be removed easily without sticking or removing paint or other finishes. The 3M Expressions line features a variety of tape products, including those already mentioned, in several different colors and patterns for use in decorating and craft projects. Consumers can also purchase tape dispensers for any 3M tape product. Dispensers vary from basic dispensers to specialty models, such as NFL football helmet dispensers and dispensers that look like high-heeled shoes.

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