What Is the 2013 Prize Bond List of 1500?

The 2013 prize-bond list of 1500 is a list of all winning 1,500-rupee savings-bond numbers drawn by Pakistan's National Savings Organization during 2013. The 1500 drawing, which has a first prize of 3,000,000 Pakistani Rupees ($28,726), took place in four different Pakistan cities in February, May, August and November 2013, according to the National Savings Organization. Each of the 1500 drawings also has three second prizes of 1,000,000 Pakistani Rupees ($9,575) and 1696 third prizes of 18,500 Pakistani Rupees ($177).

Prize-winning bond numbers are listed on the Savings.gov.pk website with holders having six years from the date of each drawing to claim any prizes. Bond holders check their numbers against the prize list for each of the four drawings by clicking Search under Prize Bonds in the menu on the Savings.gov.pk home page, selecting 1500 beside Denomination and choosing a start and end date for their search, reports Pakistan's National Savings Organization.

Savings bonds are also sold in other denominations ranging from 100 Pakistani Rupees ($1) to 40,000 Pakistani Rupees ($383), according to Pakistan Prize Bond. Bond numbers are entered into quarterly drawings with other numbers of the same denomination for cash prizes ranging from 1,000 Pakistani Rupees ($10) to 75,000,000 Pakistani Rupees ($718,150).